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GoJuu’s purpose is to honor traditional Japanese gastronomy, its masters, its cult places and its followers. GoJuu is a natural tribute to its first ambassador Itamae, to the memory of his restaurant AYA, to its most frequent Clients, to the sushimen that have learned their skills with the Master and to its staff. The late Takashi Yoshitake-san is therefore at the center of this tribute.

A Tribute paid by those on who he left an indelible mark after arriving in Portugal. Indeed, more than sadly questioning why he left us so soon, GoJuu wants to celebrate his life and perpetuate the meaning of his presence among us through the many he “touched” in so many ways.

GoJuu aims at gathering those who have learned this art-form of cooking with him, as well as those who learned to eat and appreciate the traditional gastronomy, a pillar of the Japanese culture.

We have no intention of being more than GoJuu. AYA can never be replaced due to the absence of the Master, of his Talent, of his Art, but also of his special way of making himself humble with “his thousand-words-worth” … smile. But we have aimed at gathering “his people”, use “his recipes” prepared by his “disciples”, served in “his porcelain” – and be greeted by the person he trusted the most, his faithful Carmen.



At Lunch from 12:30 to 14:30
Pick up at GoJuu or home delivery

At Dinner from 19:30 to 22:00
Pick up at GoJuu or home delivery
(after 20:00 without alcoholic beverages)

218 280 704 | 933 298 148

+351 21 828 07 04

Rua Marquês Sá da Bandeira, 46A
1050-149 Praça de Espanha, Lisboa

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